Sunday, 29 January 2012

Have a break!

Last night I went in the kitchen, my mum was cooking dinner and when she looked at me she asked if I was alright, I sighed and said that my head ached a little and her reply was "It was about time! It hurts just because you never use it". Thank you mum <3 Anyway, enough studying for today!

I've wanted to post this pictures since weeks, so I'll take a quick break and finally do it!
The 6th January I had lunch at Max's place and I decided to make some cake balls. It was my first attempt, as you can see.. they came out "kinda" ugly (mostly because of the stupid recipe I used >_> ) but they were yummy :9

Next picture shows the presents I received this Christmas! I love the monster backpack a friend brought me from Korea and the vinyl bag too! It has pockets to put photos inside, I can't wait to use it!! Still have to chose and print the photos though. I also got a couple of CDs of my favourite bands: "No line on the orizon" and "Dum spiro spero". My babies <3

Last thing for today! Check out this idea by Dana made it: a Journal jar full of prompts to write about. Nice, isn't it?

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