Sunday, 9 October 2011

New project and more pins!

Saturday means morning chores at my place. And this means that yestarday I spent few hours trying to tidy up my room too.
I was feeling like a change so I decided that I wanted to throw away few things that I don't use anymore to gain more space.
I began with the lower shelf of my desk and, after a fair fight with huge clouds of dust, I succeded in putting some order:

Now I've to take care of the desk though. The things is that I've a lot of stationery that I don't use because I totally forget I own it: stickers, memo sheets, letter sets and so on.. I need something to store everything, to keep them close and organized.
I made some research and I found some ideas!

What to do, what to do??
I'll think about it, and I'll look for materials. But if you guys what to suggest other ideas I'm here and I need help xD

To end this link-full post here are my Pins on the week! Love Pinterest more and more everyday!!

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  1. thanks i'll definately make one of these, you'll see it soon in my blog ;)
    good day/night <3

  2. Hi, I found your blog via swap-both and I like how colorful it is.
    Lilla Indigo

  3. These are some very good ideas! I love seeing cute organizers like this, but I find that why I try to make them, I just end up with more clutter and supplies than I had before XD

    -Milktea from Swapbot

  4. Very wonderful ideas! I have to try some of these! I also like your tutorials and other posts on your blog, I'm definitely following you! :D

    ~KitsuneSk from Swap-bot!