Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Domo Kun Pouch tutorial

I joined a "Domo swap" and had to send a Domo kun item, so I decided to create this little pouch and made a tutorial out of it. I hope my partner'll like it and that you'll find this tutorial useful! :D

You Will Need:
brown, black, red and white Felt
1 brown Zipper
brown, black, red and white Thread

1- First of all we need a "pattern".

Draw a rectangle with rounded corners, you chose the measures.
Draw a straight line in the middle, wide a little more than 1cm (or wider, it depends on the zipper you're going to use). Make sure to leave a couple of cm at the bottom and top edges.
Also don't mind my doodles >_>

2- Now, using your pattern cut two pieces of brown felt.
Pin them together (wrong side facing each other, right sides up) and set them aside for a moment.

3- We need the mouth now! Draw a small rectangle. Cut out one from red felt and one from white felt. Take the white one and cut it following a zig-zag line in the middle.

4- Sew, with white thread, the teeth to the red mouth and cut the felt in excess.

5- Take the brown pieces and sew the mouth in place (only on the front piece) with white and red thread.

6- Cut two little circles of black felt for the eyes.

7- Sew them in place with black thread.

8- Now let's add some particulars!
I added some sparkles in the eyes with the white thread and embroidered legs and arms with the black one.

9- Time to place the zipper! Lift the front piece of brown felt and place the zipper on top of the inner one, in the middle, so that you can see the zippen showing in the opening.

10- Pin the zipper at its ends and sew all along the opening. Make sure to poke the needle through the front piece of felt, the zipper and the inner piece.

11- Now fold your pouch in half (you'd have 4 layers of felt) and sew along the edge with blanket stitch (make sure to sew all the layers). AND YOU'RE DONE!! CONGRATS :D

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