Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Birthday and pins

Soooo it's been my birthday last week (the 13th) and these three pictures can resume my day, pretty much xD

1. After Eight, mint chocolate thins, the very first (and very appreciated) present from a friend;
2. The bunch of flowers my dad gave me;
3. The cake for my birthday party.

My relatives made me a (slightly spoiled) surprise and came to Reggio Emilia :D I had a great day with them, sewing and playing volleyball. It's been a definitely nice birthday!
I wanted to make myself decorations for the party but there wasn't the time. I follow several blogs to look for inspiration and recently I enjoyed these ideas from "Hostess with the mostess":

And now, as usual, here you go my pins of the week:

I'm going to make a special post with my Halloween favourites next week, stay tuned :D

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