Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Japan lover penpal and Domo kun

Two new swaps received! :D

~ New Penpal ~ for Japan lovers

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"This swap is very simple : You'll write 1 letter to 1 partner You'll have 10 days to write it The letter must be at least 2 pages long (A5 size) and well written and decorated (kawaii or japan-related). This swap is only for people who love JAPAN (japanese culture, fashion, language, food, kawaii, pop culture, anything !!!)"

My partner's and my letters

and Domo Swap

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"For this swap send your partner one Domo item. Item may be store bought or handmade. Sender's choice. International."

My package, with a Domo pouch! I made a tutorial also for this one!

And the box I received

a Domo badge and a plush

I'm already in love with the badge :D


  1. first of all, it is really nice meeting you! I am Joan, and i'm from Greece! Italy and Japan are my dream destinations! so you combine them! i LOVE anime, japan food, culture etc!

    Can you plz tell me how can i have a penpal from Japan? i know facebook and emails are easier but writing...it's just more romantic, you know?!
    (oh! i found you via Cutoutandkeep! ^^)

    1. Hi Joan, nice to meet you! Really? XD Have you ever been in Italy or Japan?

      Oh sure, I've had a couple of Japanese panpals, I found them using Intepals.net (http://www.interpals.net/Limaccia_san). Let me know if it works, ok? :D