Thursday, 20 October 2011

Cookies and bentos

A nice day out means something yummy to eat, so I made pasta frolla (short pastry) cookies!

- 200 gr. flour;
- 100 gr. butter;
- 90 gr. sugar;
- 2 yolks (keep the egg's whites to decorate);
- dark chocolate (half bar more or less).

Two different types: one covered with meringue and the other dipped in dark chocolate, NOMNOMNOM

And I made meringues with the remaining eggs' white.

Also lately I've this new obsession with bento's accessories. Honestly I don't think the content of a bento box'd ever be able to feed me properly, they're so small xD but I like the concept and the accessories are so cute, not to talk about the decorations you can make with food.
I'd like to share these cute blogs, they're inspiring to say at least!!

Bento Lunch

I also gave a try to this Giveaway: Kawaii Bento Picks @ Zakka Life to win these cute picks

I've not been lucky, oh well xD

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