Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A very productive day

Yeeeah I feel happy as every girls that goes out shopping after a very bad day and comes back home with bags and bags full of awesome stuff.. know the feeling? xD
I had just a bag and my shopping might seem a bit strange, but whatever xD
Sooo I went out with a friend of mine to this Chinese grocery shop. I don't know why I've never actually gone inside before, maybe it kinda intimidates me xD but yesterday we met to buy some groceries to eat together when she'll come here during lunch breaks and we take a good look at the stuff on the shelves.
There are all kind of snacks and spices and weird stuff! We bought a package of vegetable and meat filled Chinese ravioli. They look yummy, can't wait to eat them :D
Then, with the help of girl that was shopping to herself (we probably scared her to death), we found the precious ramen *รง* and I finally bought myself a bowl to eat it 8D YES!!

It's huge!! And the dragon is kinda cool xD

The good thing of this place is that they have ingredient for asian cooking's recipes that are damn hard to find in other grocery stores. The soy spaghetti for example!
Thay also have a nice stock of asian magazines that's definitely worth a good look. DIY inspiration I'm coming ^3^

Also in a hairstylists' shop I bought a new tube of hair colour. I was very tempted to buy "apple green", a very cool turquoise.

Early this week I found a nail polish with a nice violet shade and a binder with the strangest (and the most random) cover xD I like the notes though!

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  1. Ohh yeah I know the feeling.
    It was not a bad day today, but I felt the same way after shopping xD
    (I guess I was so tired that the feeling was the same)
    I bought pocky sticks (4 packs of them :D), I just love the sticks with the chocolate flavour ^^