Saturday, 14 May 2011

Inspiration - part 2

I'm hunting >:D
..I mean, my plan for the wardrobe renewal (I'm making a lace vest by the way, it's almost done!) has just expanded to accessories too now :D
I went shopping (regular shopping this time) with a friend and I bought this:

Then we went to a shop called Bijou Brigitte.. they have all kind of jewelry and wherever I turned there was INSPIRATION blinking at me from every corner. I saw a long necklace with a compass and another with a carousel.. just aww! And I discovered my passion for long, simple necklaces:

I went home and browsed their site and find so much awesome stuff.. I felt so inspired by the maritime line, I want to make myself some hair accessories and some jewelry that fit with this theme, so I'm hunting whatever can come handy for this purpose.
I'm crazy. Really, I know, but look:

They're cute D:

I also want to make a decent jewelry storage.. I've one already for my earrings but my bracelets and necklaces are still hidden and all tangled together D:
I found these tutorials that seem cool!

(click on each pic to see the tutorials)

I like the last two a lot! Even if I can't think of a more simple way to hang the bust D: Damn it!
Last thing (and I'm done, I promise)! I saw these bags in a library, in our shopping trip and I fell in love:

Little geisha all over the place *runs in circle in happiness* and in the second one you can put your own photo inside the clear pockets *O* I want to make myself one, just let me find a tutorial >:D

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