Tuesday, 3 May 2011

7 Days of Mail

This was a very funny and smart swap :D

"For this swap you will put some goodies and a cheery note into one very small envelope and label it ONE put that envelope into a little bit bigger envelope along with another note and some more goodies and label it TWO put that envelope into an envelope that is again a little bigger along with another note and more goodies and label it THREE etc. Do this until you have an envelope labeled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN. The very biggest envelope (labeled SEVEN), will be the one that you put your partner's address and stamps on.
When you receive your envelope open one envelope every day for a week (seven days) to reveal some fun! Try to hold off on opening everything at once, the fun part is that you have mail every single day for a week- including Sunday!
Please put a little different note in each envelope (7 notes total) just to say hi, explain what the goody is, or to wish your partner a great day etc.

What I received from the USA

Day 7: a letter set - Day 6: bookmarks

Day 5: birthday cards and a Monokuro decoration :D - Day 4: paper capers

Day 3: a couple of tutorials with craft supplies - Day 2: stickers

Day 1: a piece of fabric and a pendant

Aaaand the package I sent:

Day 7: paper theme

Day 6: pink theme

Day 5: office theme

Day 4: traveling theme

Day 3: sweets theme

Day 2: beauty theme

Day 1: relax theme

Yay for cool swaps :D

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  1. This really sounds like an awesome swap, sad I missed it.