Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bracelets Display/Organizer Tutorial & a swap

Such a full week! But I managed to finish this organizer and make a little tutorial.
My bracelets were always all messy and tangled together, I didn't even know the stuff I had, so I came up with this system to make some order and finally use some of my jewelry xD I got inspired from this "old belt to bag holder" tutorial from Bored and crafty I saw months ago. Hope this'll be useful! :D

You Will Need:
Organza Ribbon
leather Belt
Project Budget
Almost Nothing

1- Gather all you items: the leather belt to use as supposrt, colorful ribbon scraps and the bracelets you're going to organize on it.

2- Take some ribbon and hook it loosely around your bracelet to get the desired measure.

3- Burn the edge so it won't fray.

4- Now take the belt and lay it down on the table, put the piece of ribbon on it (wrong side up).
Cut a little piece of velcro and put it on top of the ribbon..

5- ..and sew everything together.

6- Then straight the ribbon and sew the other side of the velcro piece on the other end of the ribbon (same side as before).

7- Close it and do another loop with the same procedure beside the first.

Now make as many as you need, using the whole lenght of the belt. I suggest to measuring the distance with the bracelets to they won't get one on top of the other.

8- Hung in somewhere on the wall (using the buckle) and you're done! :D

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And I'm hosting a swap! To gather some long term blog-pals :D

Swap-bot swap: Long term blog-pals

"Now my idea is: I'll create a journal (on blogger) and add all the partecipants to the swap as authors. Within the deadline everyone has to publish a post introducing themselves (your family, hobbies,... adding photos, music, whatever you want!). Read all the posts and write a comment for each one (maybe pointing out the things you've in common with them).

Here the swap ends but! the cool thing (hopefully) is that we can keep the journal active, and keep posting as we're writing letters to each other, just.. instead of writing by hand we're typing down a post (this way it'd be much more easy to share music, photos and whatever else. It'd be faster too! It's not the same as receiving letters, but it'd be free)."

Let's see what came out of this xD

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