Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wardrobe renewal

Yup, probably it's the effect the sunny days gives me who's talking but I feel inspired for starting a wardrobe renewal!
I'm spending my free time browsing the net to find new projects and inspiration and I found loads of stuff! There are so much nice revamping projects that I don't even know from where I'd start.
Maybe, to organize my work, I'd take a photo of each article of my closet that I want to customize and then associate the pic to the tutorial I want to use.. hum.. does it sound insane? I know that I'm forgetful and I can have the most brilliant ideas and then forget them the following second and make something terrible at the end D: So maybe this'd be a solution.
Anyway, this all started with this stupid, boring hoodie D:<

I researched for a bit to find inspiration cause I didn't know what to make of it and here is what I found.. I'd like to mix all of them.. I'm not sure about the cap sleeves though, I'd like 3/4 sleeves better.. hum..

And then this bag I received yesterday.. the leather is.. well, not the best quality, so I won't feel guilty if I make some cutting. I'd like to turn this:

into this:

Mission impossible?! XD Yes, probably, but I still want to try, at worst I'll have some new leather scraps XD

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