Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tutorials & swap - Blue jeans babe

This swap was very interesting, it gave me few ideas and I'd like to share..

Swap-bot swap: Blue Jeans Babe
I swap with Swap-bot!

"Do you do denim? I do! I like to wear it and then recycle it. For this swap we will share our denim re-do ideas in a Puzzle Letter! Puzzle Letters are easy to make. You write your letter, then cut it up like a puzzle. Slip the pieces into a ziplock baggie, put them in an envie with your swap card and send."

The puzzle letter I received..

..and the one I sent.

So, apart from the fact that it has been damn hard to put together all the pieces of the letter XD , I'd not decipher the first two links, but the other two bring me to a couple of nice craft:

-Click on the piccus to get the tutorial-

Aaaaand here you go the tutorials I put in the letter:

Mini back pack
Jeans scrap dress

From Jeans To Skirt And A Bag
Recycled Denim Corset

Denim Barrette
Install a Zipper on the Side of Pant leg

Denim pillows
No sew bolero

I'll add all of them, plus the one I used to make my one craft and my personal tutorial in a page as soon as I can, to gather all of them. And I'll update it whenever I find/use some nice one :D
That's all people, I hope it was useful ^3^

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  1. ooh lovely tutorials! I need to do some more swaps like those envelope swaps, the're fun and easy and cheap on shipping ^^