Monday, 12 September 2011

New hobby and new pins

Well, mum is very busy with work lately and she enthrusted me the cooking duty.
After the first few days, cooking the same stuff, I decided to upgrade a bit! I began to check cooking sites for ideas and recipes and since now I tried a fair number of new, different recipes.
I'm quite proud of my work, even if it's not too elaborated stuff I like making it (and eating it most of all!). I found it unbelievably relaxing. Mixing the ingredients, sniffing all the nice smells, listening to the pots' bubbling.. this winter I bet I'll enjoy the warmth of the kitchen too (now it's still too hot to appreciate it).
Since I like asian cooking I made myself some maki!

They're vegetarian, I put inside carrots, cucumbers and an omelette! Yummy!
I also made some yakisoba! I forgot to take a picture though, they're very tasty I think I'll cook them again very soon!

Few days ago I proposed to a fiend to go to the park to make a little pic nic.. with a twist!! Since she likes asain food as much as I do I asked her if it was ok to eat instant ramen and buy some ravioli to the chinese take away nearby. She accepted gladly the idea so we did it!!
These are our location and our lunch!

The same day I had the first volley training of the year.. ravioli and jumping don't go along very well, believe me! I survived though and it was worth it after all.

Last thing I'd like to share my recent pins on pinterest. I found so much inspiring stuff I can't help but make pins on pins. I need to go back to crafting soon!

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  1. Uops!! Sorry for the volley training XD Also my jujitsu traning was...err...difficult XD
    I really love our pic nic *^* *want another raviolo*