Friday, 23 September 2011

To Do: DIY - swap part 1

Guess what? New tutorial sharing swap!! 8D Man, how I love them!

To Do: DIY
"One of the things I've been mildly obsessed with lately is DIY projects. Sure, I can't actually do a lot of them at the moment, but it's nice to dream. In the meantime, I'm building up a nice collection for future reference.
This swap is a great way to share all the awesome projects you've bookmarked, and to get at least 100 more to look through for inspiration. For this swap, you'll send at least 10 links to 10 partners. The links should give instructions for DIY projects you've done or want to do. ..."

It was very hard to chose just 10 projects from my favourite ones. The first selection counted something like 30 different tutorials ^__^'' but with a cut here and there I managed to reduce them to 15!
So, yeah, enjoy my selection!

1- Brassy Ruffle Top 2- Butterfly Wine Glass Place Cards 3- Cardboard + Fabric = Catalog awesomeness 4- Chop Chop: A Clever Little Wrap 5- DVF waist bag

6- Get Hollywood Hair 7- Jewelry bust 8- Film Candle Holder in 3 Steps 9- Dress Shirt Skirt 10- Photo-printed Hair Ribbon

11- Mini Polaroid Necklace 12- Oh the Places You'll Go Map! 13- Recycled Wrapper Zippered Coin Purse 14- Safety Pins & Buttons bracelet 15- The cherry blossom lantern

Here is a list of the received projects I liked the most!

From cherriesberries:
- Cutest Yarn Ornaments - Paper Flower Wreath - Paper Poppies - Lace Earrings - Beads cute rings -

From angel925:
- Shadow Box Frame - CD Case Craft - Seashell Wreath - Ribbon Bulletin Board - Magazine Holder - Jewel Case Frames: Wonderful Wall Art -

From usuallyregal:
- Balloon lights - Sock Monsters at the Lake bunny, kitty, pig -

From dodothefairy:
- Wrap-turned-Scarf - Colored Spoons - Fold a heart page marker - Gift Cards -
Street party windmills -

From wintergarten:
- Vintage Postcard Calendar journal - Catch-all shelf - Vintage Record Cake Plates - Elevating the mundane - Ruffled Lamp - Confetti Egg Game -

Part 2 is coming soon!

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  1. All so crafty! Love them!

    ElizabethObviously at SwapBot

  2. really loving the butterflies . so many useful tips. thanks for sharing with us,''

    bluecrayons at sb.

  3. Great tutorial links! Love the cupcakes ~ glamazon08 (swap-bot)