Sunday, 11 September 2011

Swaps and a new awesome friend!

Who says swapping is a useless hobby?
I joined a swap called "Not Quite Normal Penpals Returns":

Swap-bot swap: Not Quite Normal Penpals Returns

"Ever get a penpal letter and wonder if your pal grew up in a convent? Do the usual, "Hi, my name is Dorothy, I have a cute puppy and live with my dear old granny." letters bore you to death? (Or are you worried you'll scare your buddy away in two letters or less?)
Then this is the penpal swap for you, my creepy little friend.
Basically, you will write to one partner a basic introduction letter with one simple twist- in this letter, you will introduce your "bad" side."

I send my letter and I made a new friend!! When I came back home after the holidays I found the reply in my mail box. It's unbelievable how many things I have in common with this girl xD . Still have to reply but I'm going to do it soon!!

Mine and hers!

And! This is another nice swap I took part in:

Chinese/Japanese Themed Swap *INTERNATIONAL*

"HI & welcome to my swap! In this swap please send a small package of items to an average monetary value of £4 ($6.6 or 4.6 euros) of Chinese and/or Japanese themed items. Let your imagination run wild and make it nice for your partner."

the box

and its content

Tattoos and a box with a stamp and a tea cup

stickers and a postcard

envelope and err.. a tissue pack? xD

Oh these are the best!! a robot keyring and a pengiun-toothbrush case:

isn't it made of WIN!?!?!?!

This is the package I sent:

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  1. Swapping is a great way to meet new friends isn't it. I've made plenty of interesting and inspirational friends on swap-bot. They supply ambition and encouragement to continue with arts and crafts.