Friday, 18 May 2012

Photo post love

Damn it, I'm in one of those periods again.. Nope, I'm not PMSing or something, it's just one of those moments when I have this need to do and write and talk. It feels great and it happens less than it should. Get out of this room actually feels so good sometimes, it fills me with energy (and sleepiness at the end of the day XD ). But I can feel my brain grind inspiration and produce ideas and suggestions.. yay!
I like this way to explain myself through images, like I did in the last post, so I took some more phone-photos this week..

  • Max and I are thinking about going on vacation in Portugal. We needed some infos and ideas to organise our trip so I fetched this guide at the library. The plan is to fly all the way to Lisbon and then visit the surroundings. My aunt went last summer, she told me a lot of promising stuff, I really am looking forward to it!
  • I go to study at the library ever day now, I can concentrate better this way and, as you can see, my messiness isn't shy XD 
  • Do you see something strange too? WTF moment at the library: as I was reading I noticed everyone was looking up in the air. I thought that they were just thinking or something but when I raised my head, out of reflex, I saw that door.. I blinked and looked away, without paying attention. After a second I looked up again with this face --> o_O realising there was something definitely strange..
  • New notebook converted to agenda! ..and before I knew it I began to use it somehow like a diary.. I don't know why but I just started writing more than necessary. I also took an old box of markers out of the drawer to make everything more colourful. The cover definitely needs to be embellished though..
  • It was Max's last week. I spend a whole afternoon cooking and preparing. I tell you everything was totally worth it <3
  • while shopping in Torre with a friend I saw this cute t-shirt decorated with a cut-out owl. DIY?? 8D
If you like illustration you have to take a look at this super cute site: They draw and cook. An original way to collect recipes. There also is a travelling version of the site: They draw and travel.

And just a couple of pretty things to finish. Have a wonderful w/e!


  1. I really love read your blog in the morning, with a good coffee.. It's so relaxing and I'm full of energy!! <3

    1. Sankyu, it makes me very happeh to know it makes this effect :D Wiiii!!