Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nerding around

Yesterday I discovered that I play volleyball way better when I'm pissed off XD It's a great stress reliever, especially when you hit! YES!

Talking about nerd-er topics.. any Supernatural fans around here? Saturday was the season final night! What do you think about it? I liked it a lot, even if the thought that crossed my mind after the end was: "Dean, you're such a loser". The poor man got through all sort.. hell, heaven and now purgatory.

If you're a fan make sure to watch the gag reels, they're made of pure awesomeness >8D

I finally managed to finish "2 broke girls" (aka "Boobs and cupcakes") first season too. It was kinda unexpected when Marta Stewart actually popped out of a booth o_O And I love Sophie more after every episode!!


More photos coming from last week to finish! In pics 1 and 2 you can see my Saturday's cooking experiments: I pan-fried a bit some cubed vegetables (zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and celery), just few minutes, so they were still kinda crunchy, with oil, salt, pepper and a spice mix.
Ok, I added a wurstel too ._.
And! I wrapped (or at least I tried to) everything in a piadina. It was very yummy :Q
In the last pic you can see a (poor) artwork I drew on my notebook for a special occasion. It's a 7 <3

Uh, this was a pretty pointless post, wasn't it? Well, it's just to share some nerdy love for my favourites nerdy things <3
Have a good night!

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  1. Ciiiiiboooo!!! *ç*

    Se e' quel 7 che immagino io allora tante congratulations u__u

    Ahhhh! Devo ancora vedere il season final di T&C çOç Ho visto solo l'inizio con il tizio steampunk che fa tap tap sulla macchina da scrivere XD