Tuesday, 15 May 2012

About cruises and origami

I'll explain myself through images today!
If you've red some post ago you know I've been on a cruise last month. My grandma was afraid to go n her own so she asked me do keep her company. I accepted gladly cause I think it's one of those one-in a life time opportunity.
The trip last a week and I wanted to share the pictures I took of my daily outfit. I actually put a lot of effort in preparing my luggage first and then chose the outfit to wear.. everyone was so elegant.. You'll notice that on the "day 4" I caught a flu and didn't feel very well.. meh D:

Maybe it'll be strange to heard this but.. I didn't like the cruise that much. I mean, it's awesome, the ship is huge and luxurious, the food is to die for and if the weather is sunny (not my case since it was pretty windy all the time) I'm sure you can relax as much as you want, but.. I guess I was more interested in the destinations than the ship comforts.. I was looking forward every port, eager to get down and discover new cities, but the time we'd stay was generally too limited and, actually, you'd not see that much. It just made me want to travel more XD
Surely it's an experience to do, probably it was me who had too high expectations. Anyway I loved almost all the cities we "visited", from Toulon to Valencia, Ibiza, Tunis and Catania.


Now.. wanna know what me and Max did few week ends ago?? Meh it was actually fun even if I kinda sucks at it..


I was doing pretty good with the kitty.. when he decided to try the lizard though... the results were embarrassing!

Last set of pictures for today coming right from my "Totally must-have items" board. Take a look and tell me if they're not genius!!! (You need to watch the video of the alarm clock - II pic)


I'm off people, have a wonderful night!

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