Sunday, 2 December 2012

Finds of the week #10

10 already! yay!

- Landscape art <3

- You've to loo here, these Paper Pop-Ups are amazing!!

- I love this series of Children illustration by Alexandra Ball <3 (via The MAG)

- Some Deviantart browsing: What we breath is the same; Deep inside somewhere... and the Winchester!!

- I was looking for Christmas ideas and I found this pretty little thing: Organized Christmas!!! Not that my Christmas are organized, I go gift shopping the 24th in the morning, but I like to try..

- Some stationery love: One Way Ticket to Happiness Pencil Pouch and Animal Angels Sliding Calculator and Scrapbook Travels Letter Set:


- Need some geekyness?? Superhero Secret Identity Art!

- Awesome Street walk 3d art  and Public Phone Booths Transformed Into Giant Fish Aquariums:

- These Self-Portraits as Famous Paintings are very well made!

- More art today: I love this Japonesa print (pic) and these pinkish painting by Fede Saenz (via Boheme circus)

- These Broken flowers are kinda sad D: The Exploded Flowers series instead is pretty! (via Because I'm addict)

- 25 Nutella recipes to try <3

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