Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas holidays blog challenge

This idea to share some Holiday tales popped in my mind and I decided that it'd be fun to read about others' traditions too, so I made it a challenge-swap:

"This last 7 days, from Friday 21st December to Friday 28th December. During this period you've to take a picture of something that represent your day and post it on your blog writing about that. Phone pictures are ok, but try to make them pretty. You can take pictures and write about anything: gifts shopping, family meals, travels, .. "

- Friday 21st
I was the only loser studying at the library. It was cool, I had a whole room all for me!

As every year I accomplished my very own mission: gift wrapping!

- Saturday 22nd
We left very early in the morning to go to my grandma's (she lives more than 700km far from here, it takes us 7 hours and we left at 5am. It was very dark and I felt asleep the second I sat in the car. I managed to take the picture the first time I opened my eyes during the trip.

- Sunday 23rd
We had lunch at my aunt's. They build this huge nativity every year and it gets more detailed every time.

- Monday 24th

We went for a walk to Naples, for the last time presents and these guys were playing awesome Afro music dressed and Santas.

There was this pretty (yet kinda minimal) Christmas tree in the Umberto I gallery


- Tuesday 25th
Christmas day! The family gathered to have lunch all together and,  as dessert, we had Caciata. It's a sort of pie with ricotta

Some street lights!


- Wednesday 26th
We went for a walk to the Baia castle. This is is the landscape we'd see from the highest point of the castle:

In the second picture you can see a "cariatide", that's a sculpture used as a column that represent a feminine figure.

- Thursday 27th
A pretty sweater in a shop window and a lot of traffic

- Friday 28th
We came back home, another 7 hours trip..

..and finally home.

And this is all. Hope you had fun during your holidays :)

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