Sunday, 11 November 2012

Finds of the week #7

Lonely and boring weekend D:

- Red and Gold Dragon Wedding Cake and
Gold and Blue Wedding Cake with Peacock Feathers. Aren't they pretty?? (via 6 Bittersweets).


- New gawkerverse site: stylegawker.

- Just.. LOL (via Enjoy your life) and ouch! (via Enjoy your life)


- How to prepare for almost anything with free downloads. Very useful.

- This colour board by Jojoebi is full of colourful win. Love!

- 5 tips for the perfect Christmas card photo.

- Geometrical animals! Love the parrots :)

 - The freckled fox has this Holiday hair week going on: really pretty hairstyles tutorials, check them out!

- How to take better tutorial photos. Definitely need this.

- This is awesome, a phone booth full of balloons is the coolest birthday surprise EVER!!

- Check out Miss Glamozarri's youtube chanel. She's.. hyper (she almost seems high, actually) and has these nice GIY. Pretty, pretty! (via College fashion)

-11 Famous Actresses' Adorably Awkward Auditions. So "cute" (via College fashion)

- Johnny Galecki's interview at the David Letterman Show. This is really funny. I watched the Simon Helberg's interview at the show last week, he talked about his child's birth at home, it was hilarious so I youtubed for more..

- 5 must have items to update your wardrobe for fall 2012. A useful summary of this fall's trends.

- Salt and pepper robots? Yes, please!

- This is the best advent calendar ever: Mini mani set , oh my <3  (via The beauty department)

- Elisa Mazzone illustrations. Awesome. (via Oh the lovely things)

Have a good Monday.. oxymoron, I know..

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