Sunday, 18 November 2012

Finds of the week #8

Happy Sunday!

 - You've to look at this!!! Boiling water thrown in the air at -30°. Soooo cool!

- 25 ways to teach gratitude.

- I was looking for the ost of a series and I found this terrific site: TV rage. It has episode guides of every season of whatever series you're interested in with OST, quotes, cultural references. Very well done and interesting!

Fine Art Remixed by Thomas Robson (via Honestly WTF? )

- Reikan-ji's temple entrance

- I'm in love with these wrap watch <3

Faux-Leather Strap Watch, 2.La Mer Triple Wrap Watch, 3.Braided Wrap Watch, 4. Vintage style bracelet watch, 5.Wrist and Reward Watch.


Christmas tree (via Pinterest)

- Another Letterman show, with Roberto Benigni :)

- A green village (via Honestly WTF)

- This is the most amazing thing ever! On Personal planner you can make your own planner, customising it to your needs. It's such a smart thing!! (via Heart handmade UK)

- African love songs (via Pocketful of dreams)

- Pretty Blue Planet (November 2012) photoshoot.

- New-found awesome craft blog: Dare to DIY in English!

- I was absentmindedly flipping through a magazine one day when I saw this:

the writing say: "You're the only one who knows you're wearing it" and it's a commercial of sanitary towels for men.
If I was a man this'd be kinda embarrassing, not for the product itself, of course, it's just the .. whole thing.. not effective

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