Friday, 24 June 2011

Random post

"Hey everyone! How's been your week?
Mine was pretty boring, I'm studying for the last exam (13th July) and I did nothing funny. I saw my friends only once but other than that I just nerd-ed a lot.

I joined a swap called "Not Quite Normal Penpals Returns": "you will write to one partner a basic introduction letter with one simple twist- in this letter, you will introduce your "bad" side. Whatever it is about you that you think other people don't always approve of.."
It seemed quite interesting and I think this'll be a long letter xD Maybe I'd share some passages here if it doesn't come out too weird!

What else.. hum.. I'm still looking for a nice haircut since my hair is growing pretty quickly and they don't have a decent shape anymore. I downloaded some Japanese magazine about hairstyles and hair care and I "flipped through" them to look for ideas. This is my top 3:

Not bad, huh? :D

I still have lots of crafty projects on my to-do list (it's growing longer and longer!) and I'm looking forward the end of the summer session to dedicate my full attentions to it. I do craft a bit after dinner, but I can make just small projects. Probably I'd also be able to attend "sewing classes" next month and I really can't wait, I've so many ideas bubbling in my head.. I just hope that I won't forget them.

What are you girls going to do tonight? Anything funny?
I just decided with my friends to eat Kebab tonight.. mmh yummy, I've not eaten it in a while!

Have a great week end everyone!

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