Thursday, 2 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 2/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

So, liked yesterday's post? :D I hope so! But now let's think about [DAY 2].

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups

[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles

[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts
[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses

Let's get started with flip flops!

-- click on the pic to see the tutorial --

Yo Yo Flip Flops

Recycle Old Flip Flops ++ Make Your Own Summer Sandals

Spruce up those summer sandals ++ Gladiator Wrap Flip Flops

Towel to Poolside robe tutorial ++ Easy T-shirt bathing suit cover up DIY

T-shirt tunic swimsuit cover up ++ Make your own swimsuit cover-up

How To Make A Stylish Beach Tunic ++ How to make a Maxi Dress in Less Than 2 Minutes

EDIT (sorry, I forgot to put this yesterday D: ): Beach Towel Dress

And that's it for today :D More will come tomorrow!

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