Saturday, 4 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 4/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

Last day of the "Blog challenge" has come :D

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

Last group of tutorial is about:

[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts

[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses

[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups
[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles

Take a look!!

-- click on the pic to see the tutorial --

The Sunny Resort Blouse Pattern ++ How to make a cool T-shirt

Create A Low Rise Long Skirt From A Pillowcase ++ Bloomers

Shorts From Mesh T Shirt

♥ T-Shirt Reconstruction_ Shirred Summer Top ♥ ++ DIY_ How to Alter a Maxi Dress

Cute summer dress ++ Sundress For A Sunny Day

Pillowcase Sundress ++ Swimsuit cover up

Ruffles and Stuff (this is meant for a little girl, but I liked it so much T^T I can't help it, when I see braids I go crazy xD ) ++ Summer Sundress Skirt Bag
And a little extra for the ones who enjoy to collect seashell: Simple Seashell Shadowboxes

And this is all!
I enjoyed doing this challenge, even if it was kinda time consuming xD Hope you find this useful/inspiring as much as I did.

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