Monday, 6 September 2010


Vacation really are over, aren't they?
This year they flew away more quickly than usual.
I've not done anything special actually, I stayed home most of the time, but I had lots of fun this last week at the sea (I got so tunned that my mum didn't recognize me when I jumped off the train XD ).
And while laying sprawled on the sand I thought about a lot of things and I kinda made plans for the new year (being a uni-student the year for me begins with the start of the academic year XD ).
I seriously hate to make plans cause I never respect them. Maybe if I make them public it'll get better? Aaah dunno, I just hope to find the right motivation (and the time) to do everything!
To the "to-do-list":

  • Take the fucking driving licence
  • Pass the FCE exam (without attending classes though, they cost 800€ WTH!!)
  • Do the training course to become a scout educator (I'll meet the group's coordinator next week :D)
  • Finally fly to London, get a job and spend the summer there (suggestions are very welcomed here XD )
  • I'm reading "Memoirs of a geisha" at the moment and it's so beautiful that reminded me how much I love reading. During the year with exams, classes and all I'm able to read just a couple of novels, so I want to promise to myself that I'll turn off the pc earlier in the evening and go to bed with a book. And the same apply to movies (the responsible in this case is "Train de vie" (="Train for life")). Again, reccomendations are very welcomed XD
  • And last, but not least, I'd like to do more crafts and swap!

Talking about swap.. I was thinking about making a new comm to gather all the people interested in swapping handmade (or not) J.rock related stuff.
I already know two comms that organize swaps, but one is just GazettE related, the other has nothing to do with J.rock.
If anyone is interested I'd get it started! I'll try to post the idea around and we'll see..

That's all for now, wish me good luck XD

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