Thursday, 23 September 2010

Major babbling

New haircut this week, so I feel hyper lately XD

"Smartly" hidden under the hat XD

Soooo I'm making a lot of stuff lately, I'm in one of my supah productive periods, you know when everything/everyone give you inspiration.. I dunno how long it's going to last, so I'll be better take advantage of it untill it's there XD (most of all I hope it'll last untill all the swap'll be over, cause I joined, like 4 XD )

Also I've a huge ramen craving o___o I so want to make some at home but I can't find a convincing recipe, maybe someone has it?

I'll share pics of my handmade stuff soon, cause even if you don't care I still want to gather it somewhere, cause I'm so proud of them >:D

Enough, enough..

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