Monday, 8 August 2011

Pins of the week

Damn I'd never thought that pinterest'd be so useful! I pin and pin all the pretty stuff I like and then I can see all there in the same page, it's inspiring :D And for a very unorganized person it's heaven xD

I finally managed to get hold of the kitchen again and I tried few recipes this week (click each pic to get the recipe):

1) Casareccie with pesto alla siciliana; 2) chocolate sugar cookies! I changed the cookies' recipe a bit but they're so yummy T^T; 3) chocolate dipped krispie treat (I didn't like this one that much, thery're too sweet and I thought they'd be a lot more crunchy.. oh well)

4) almond chicken (very tasty!!) 5) and some sangria! Soooo good!!

Pretty satisfied with the result, I'm going to try more stuff soon!
I also found two awesome things while shopping last friday: a necklace and a brooch. I practically felt in love with the little robot *__*

I'm going to the sea on Wednesday, I really can't wait to go for a swim and then, the 16th there is the live!!! Yay, I'm so excited *spazzes*

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  1. that sounds great..
    have lots of fun...

  2. that robot is soo cute! and that brooch is lovely! you're lucky ^^ I love pinning too ^^