Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Take my Furry Friend on Tour

Now this is an awesome swap!!

Swap-bot swap: Take my Furry Friend on Tour!!
I swap with Swap-bot!
"I want to take a vacation this Christmas sooooo bad!! And since we all know it's not so easily afforded these days, why don't we just send a representative... say our beloved toy? :D THIS SWAP IS SIMPLY:
1) send a stuff toy to your partner

2) your partner takes your stuff toy around on a tour of their city's most popular tourist spots or your favorite local spots or special unknown places you think should be a tourist spot hahahah

3) takes a memorable picture or pictures!

4) creates a little album

5) sends stuff toy and album back to you :)"

Few days before leaving for Paris this piece of cuteness arrived to my place

And this is my little man I send in the USA :D

I've made tons of pictures in Paris and in Ravello, I can't wait to make the album! I had fun taking her around, I earned sooo many glares XD
I miss my Stitch though D: even if I'm happy that a piece of me is overseas..

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