Thursday, 6 January 2011

Christmas swaps - part 1

I joined few Xmas swap in November so, when I come back home I found a lot of cool packages under my tree :D



Swap-bot swap: CHRISTMAS SECRET SANTA 2010
I swap with Swap-bot!

"It is always fun to get a surprise in the mail especially during the holiday seasons. So here is the chance!! What I ask for is to SEND WITH A CARD and only to open it ON CHRISTMAS DAY. "

From UK. Stitch is missing cause he's on tour :D
DSCF6563 DSCF6560

A nice xmas card
DSCF7992 DSCF7997

Monkey erasers & snowman bookmark
DSCF8002 DSCF8004

Lipbalms & eraser? dunno what is it yet XD
DSCF7998 DSCF7995

Aaaand the stuff I sent:
DSCF6934 DSCF6933

Xmas card
DSCF6902 DSCF6931

Socks & handmade bunny needle book
DSCF6903 DSCF6912

Handmade matrioska bookmark & oven mitten
DSCF6911 DSCF6910

Flower shaped candles

And the second:
Holiday :)

Swap-bot swap: Happy Holiday:)
I swap with Swap-bot!

"For this swap:
* You will have 1 partner
* You may list 3 items below that you would like to receive, but keep in mind, you may not receive those items!
* You will send your partner 5 items
* You will wrap up each item in pretty wrapping paper, fabric, etc.
* There is a maximum of $15 to spend
Please feel free to make any of the items you chose.
The swap does not have a theme.....just make sure the items are wrapped!
* You can make a small list of 3 items below that you wish for, and your partner may grant one of those wishes or all of those wishes."

The box
DSCF7567 DSCF7971

Xmas card & postcard
DSCF7986 DSCF7984

DSCF7972 DSCF7979

Craft items
DSCF7980 DSCF7981

Brooch & sticky notes pack
DSCF7983 Sticky notes

Pad & awesome cards pack
DSCF7989 DSCF7988

My partner's wishlist: "3 things i wouldn't mind (or suggestions) 1. lip gloss never goes astray 2. fabric or buttons or ribbons or sewing kind of stuff - yummy colors! 3. something for my little man who will be 4 shortly :)"

This is the package:
DSCF6935 DSCF6871

Handmade space rocket plush
DSCF6794 DSCF6800

Hairclips & lip gloss + handmade monkey needle book
DSCF6797 DSCF6795

Glowing stars & butterflies ornaments
DSCF6799 DSCF6798

Part 2 is coming soon :D

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  1. Ohhhh I love the handmade bunny needle book!
    The bunny on it is so cute >o<