Sunday, 30 September 2012

Finds of the week #1

No intro, straight to the point. Just pretend this isn't something new, so no one's going to notice.. shhhh!

[Banner image credit: Simple desktops]

I had more time than usual to nerd around this week since Macs was still away and all, so here it is the new pretty things I discovered on line. I think they're worth the sharing :)

- Passion for fashion. Really inspiring for new outfits ideas.

- Kawaii @ Tumblr. The name says it all.. cute cuuuute stuff.

- Diamonds for dessert. A new found cooking blog, this girl does terrific stuff, I mean, just look at this adorable guy here: 

- Capture the moment. Since Christmas is approaching (...more or less) you may want to take a look at this for your cards and pretty wrapping.

- Take a look at my Pinterest's new board, I collect inside all the DIYable ideas I found from shops.

- I decided to change my alarm clock ring tone to "Warehouse 13" opening (by the way, this week's episode (04x09) really rocked!!! and I smile like an idiot every morning now!!!!). I found this site while looking for it: Television tunes: downloadable mp3 for every theme from TV series and such. Cool? :D

- I fought with facebook's RSS days ago and found this post that saved my life: Subscribe to your favourite facebook page via RSS. More than helpful <3

- For all the fellow students around here: 10 study tips that actually work. This actually seem reasonable!

And, to finish, a thoughtful image (from FB, no credit, sorry D: )

Have a good week people!

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