Monday, 16 April 2012

Easter plushies

Plushie time!!! :D
This is what I made as Easter presents for a couple of lovely brats and my Max!

I hid them inside cardboard eggs, under a sachet of chocolates.

More pictures for you: some work in progress;

the little wolf..

..the monkey..

..and a little rabbit <3

What do you think? I'm very satisfied with the results! I wanted to add a fabric pompom on the rabbit bottom to made a puffy tail but I forgot T^T

Oh and look what I found while shopping for kitchen items for my bro (that got a new house): smiley cupcake papers and cookie cutters!

As soon as I saw the hippo and the elephant it was love <3

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  1. So cute. The monkey's pink bum is the perfect little touch.

    1. XD I'd not help it! Thank you, I'm glad you liked!!

  2. What a clever idea...I would like to make a little buggy mobile with little creatures for my baby and this is just perfect. Pinning for inspiration :-)

    1. I'm really glad my work inspired you, good luck with you project :)

  3. Totally adorable!! Thanks for linking up!

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    1. Thank you!!! Yay, so happy!!

      Oh I tried to get the button, pasted the link and all but it won't show up.. actually it won't even in the page you linked me.. is it just my problem?

      I'll make sure to link more, yup!
      Thanks again for the feature!!

  5. So you stuff the plushies with cotton is it? :D They're like super cute !