Saturday, 2 July 2011


Finally I'm on vacation!! Yes!! 8D
This year has been so.. uhm.. unusual! I needed some rest.
I'm trying to organize my time in order not to wait it and arrive at the end of summer without doing what I wanted (I know it's going to happe anyway >_> )
Days ago I read this article about "Organizing project and inspiration using Pinterest" on Craftzine and I found it a very smart idea, so I requested an invitaion and started to pin all the project I've in mind. You can take a look at my boards clicking the button:

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Since I've some free time I actually managed to make some decent shopping! Sales bagan just the week of my last exam, so I had hard times to force myself on the books and not go out, spending all my money. I did it this week end though xD

Aaah I saw this Fifi lapin t-shirt this spring and I'd not buy it cause it was too expensive, I'm so happy with it :D

Nights ago wondering on YouTube I made the best of the discoveries!! Oks, maybe I'm overreacting but for an asian freak like me it's such a nice thing *sighs dreamily*
I stumbled upon this chanel called "Cooking with dog"

A channel full of video recipes about how to make Japanes dishes. The more I watched the more I wanted to try every recipes *__* I'm waiting for a friend to go to the Chinese grocery shop to make some shopping. Last time I went I also got some stuff to make sushi (soy sauce, sushi mat and nori seaweed). I can't wait to try *is all ahppeh*

And, to conclude this long useles post, a little crafty update: I finished my pyjamas made from bad sheets. I also used it, it's comfy :D And I embroidered a little panda on the shirt *is very proud of it*

Ok, this is all people! Till next time *waves*

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