Friday, 25 February 2011

Crafty weekend

Sooo.. last weekend was a very crafty one XD
We organized a surprise party for my grandma's 70 birthday and I decided to make some nice decorations on my own. I spent the week looking for inspiration and I found very nice stuff.
In the end I made 3 things to decorate the room (it took me the whole morning and lukily someone helped me with the streamer chain) and this was the final effect (the photo sucks cause the light in my livingroom is terrible >__> )

The streamer chain is awesome: colorful, very stenographic and damn simple! Just cut the streamer in pieces, join the ends and pinch them together with a the stapler. Loop the next piece of paper through the first ring and do the same. This until you've reached the desired lenght!

The things hanging from the ceiling are the combination of two tutorials I found online:



(click the pictures to see each tutorial)

I also made a banner. I used wrapping paper and cardboard to make the letters. I used a free printable banner (click the pics for the tutorial):

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  1. The streamers are lovely but it loks like anawful lot of work!!(blackbird 4 s.b.)