Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cheer me up on a winters day

Another swap. The title fits perfectly!

Swap-bot swap: cheer me up on a winters day.
I swap with Swap-bot!

"For this swap you'll send a make-up bag that is full with nice goodies. you can pop in a letter .1 bar of chocolate some sachets of hot chocolate or coffee or tea enclose a christmas card."

I found it in front of the door after one hell of a day among airplanes, trains and busses D:< It really cheered me up!

Stickers sheets

the make up bag

A nice card

Pyhoto album, notepad and a bookmark.

Nerdy candies! 8D --> Donkey Kong dispenser..

..and Suer Mario 3D Gummies :D

This is the stuff I sent to my partner instead:


the make up bag

Socks and tea bags


Hand cream + nail polish & colored pencils

Lipbalm & Chocolate bars

Candies + nailfiles

Hairbrush & magic towel + eyeshadow + clippers


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